Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Moon is Reaching for Me...

Let me first begin, than in my defense, I had two posts on here that were accidentally deleted (because my computer savvy is occasionally hampered by my 5 thumbs!) ...with that being said, here's to a Fall full of writing! (or at least random thoughts from my rather disorganized mind)

Recently, I've been going through some rather large life changes. In fact this last year has been spent jumping from one big decision to the next. Whenever things start to get overwhelming and oppressive, I find myself wrapped up in my black&white. I pull out my comfort movies and curl up in a blanket with my grouchy cat for a few hours of relief. I have a long list of 'go-to' films, but the one that never seems to stay in it's case for very long is Sabrina (1954).

This past summer, I sent a Sabrina DVD to my younger cousin for her birthday. As a young single girl in her early twenties, my cousin is trying to learn how to navigate what she always thought she wanted with the realities of life and her changing heart. I feel rather useless giving advice when I'm in my late twenties and in the exact same spot. Audrey Hepburn's Sabrina is the poster child for all of us lost girls, and watching her never fails to brighten my hopes. Sabrina is the story of a lovesick girl who thinks she knows exactly what she wants until the unexpected steps in and turns the tables. It was my first Audrey movie, it began my infinite adoration of all things Humphrey Bogart and it never fails to feed my fashion-ista alter ego!!

And thanks to I think I'll just let the pictures speak for me...

Who knew a yellow pencil could lead to such a romantic line

Give me a frozen daiquiri and I don't care what's on my head either

What about the woman who has never attempted a souffle... Am I over-thinking this??

That hat! I want that hat!

One of the many reasons I love moons and stars... I always think of this line

Preach it Sister...

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